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We are introducing the Comby 3500 Steamer with vacuum cleaner. Comby 3500 Steam Cleaner is perfect for indoor cleaning and sanitization. 

There are several areas of application: from the food to the mechanical industry, from healthcare (hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary practices) to catering, from hotels to public transport cleaning. Thanks to the high temperature of the steam you will be able to sanitise and sterilise any surface by totally eliminating microorganisms, bacteria and pathogens, germs and parasites (mites, bedbugs, fleas and ticks) by thermal shock, also helping to fight the proliferation of allergies and diseases.

Perfect for cleaning and sanitizing 

  • Furniture 
  • Hard floors
  • Carpets 
  • Restaurants and Kitchens
  • Hotels - Rooms, bathrooms

Comby 3500 Steamer has patented the revolutionary VAP FILTER, a 160°C continuous vapor spray duct allows you to capture even the smallest particles of pollen and micro dust.

Thanks to their power you will be able to cut cleaning times in half and create a healthier and fresher environment. Comby 3500 Steam Cleaner is also eco-friendly: it uses small quantities of water and do not necessarily require the use of detergent. 
A range of accessories are included in the package - brushes, steam mop, hard floor cleaner, furniture and upholstery cleaner. 


Electric Power Supply 220-240V
Max Operating Pressure 8 Bar
Total Max Power 3400 W
Max Boiler Power 3400 W
Max Vacuum Power 1200 W
Temperature Max 180°C
Steam Generation (water/hour) 6kg/H2O/h
Refill Tank 5L
Detergent Tank 5L
Vacuum Bucket 10L
Weight  38 Kg
Dimension  740 x 510 x 1040mm
Warranty One year
Country of Manufacture Italy