Optima Steamer FAQs

Can I visit your showroom and see a product demonstration?  

Our friendly sales team is more than happy to help, we are open Monday to Friday 10am-6pm. You can book an appointment by either calling us on 02038138138, emailing us at sales@gobob.co.uk.

Can you adjust the temperature of steam?

The temperature of steam can be adjusted by holding the steam gun closer or further away from the surface. The closer the gun tip is to the surface, the hotter it gets. The temperature of steam at gun tip is just below 100°C, whereas 4-6 inches away the temperature is 65~75°C.

Can steam kill bacteria and germs?

Yes steam can disinfect surfaces, due to its high temperature, killing bacteria and germs without any chemical. We have customers who use Optima Steamers to sanitize supermarket shopping trolleys and ambulances.

What is the power requirement?

Optima Steamer XD only need single phase power supply, perfect for mobile clean and mobile car valeting, all you need is a generator to power the steamer. Electric steamers will need a three phase power supply, not all industrial units have three phase power supply, if you are unsure please check with an electrician.

What is the difference between a diesel and an electric Optima steamer?

The diesel steamers have a higher evaporation rate, although the performance of each model varies, diesel steamers generally have a better performance than electric ones. Electric steamers can be powered by electricity only and doesn’t require any fuel, e.g. diesel. However you will need access to three phased electricity for an electric steamer.

What is the typical lifespan of an Optima Steamer?

This depends on if the owner has been looking after their steamers, a well maintained steamer which has been serviced regularly can last over 10 years. We strongly recommend you offer training to your staff, so they understand the correct start up, shut down and maintenance procedures which will prolong the lifespan of your steamer.

Do you offer delivery service?  

Yes we can arrange it for you, it will be delivered by a pallet delivery company to your door. Once dispatched, their delivery lead time is 3 working days for standard delivery and 1 working day for express.

Can I get finance on the steamers?

Yes you can, we can put you in touch with one of our finance brokers who can give you a quote, this will depend on your personal/company credit history, for more information please email sales@gobob.co.uk.

Can I clean vehicle interior with steam?

Yes you can. Steam is perfect for cleaning vehicle interiors, and can clean different type of surfaces such as vinyl, leather or upholstery. It cleans and disinfects the vehicle interior in one without using any harsh chemicals that damage the vehicle interior. It also uses a lot less time and water than conventional cleaning methods. The only parts we would avoid are the electric components or heat sensitive materials.

Can I clean the engine bay with steam?

Yes you can. Steam is perfect for engine bay cleaning and removing grease. Also steam can reach hard-to-reach areas which cannot be reached by hand.

Can I clean carpets, seats and child seats with steam?

Optima Steamer is good at odour removal and cleaning up interior spills in carpet and seats, simply change the setting to dry steam, after steaming you can let the surface dry naturally, which takes approximately 20 minutes.

How much water is needed to clean one car?

On average, an Optima Steamer uses 3-5 litres of water to clean one car. However this depends on a number of factors - how dirty the car is, the size of the car, the weather conditions and the skill levels of the valeter.

What are the advantages of using Optima Steamer vs a jet wash?

An Optima Steamer consumes a lot less water compared to a traditional jet wash, the ground will be dry after a car wash, rather than wet and slippery, you can operate anywhere such as in car parks. Also you can offer additional services which you cannot offer with a jet wash, such as sanitization service, seat cleaning, air vent cleaning etc. If you are looking to open a new car wash, an Optima Steamer does not require you to have a water reclamation system which can be quite expensive to set up, as there is no waste water run off.

I am a mobile valeter, can I run the steamer in my van?

Yes you can, the best model to go for is Optima XD. however you will need a generator. Most generators which can power a commercial vacuum cleaner work can also power an Optima Steamer. If you have any questions please speak to our sales team at sales@gobob.co.uk

Do I need to use any chemical for car valeting?

You do not have to use chemicals, however some valeters prefer using chemical to improve the efficiency of their job and enhance the finish. Although chemical is not required, using wax for example can make a customer's car look shinier.