Machine service or repair appointments - Service level

Please read carefully before you drop your machine off for service and repair 
  • Diesel - Please ensure you have enough diesel in the tank for us to test your machine, we would recommend leaving at least a quarter tank full. 
  • Remove steam guns and hoses - Please remove hoses, guns and accessories from the machine, we will not accept any machine with accessories attached unless the accessories need repair. 
  • Check covers can be removed - Please ensure the top cover and side panels of your machine can be easily removed for inspection especially if you have used non-original screws, otherwise this may incur extra labour costs if we have to drill out any screws. 
  • Uncollected machine - After service fulfilment, due to limited storage space, we can only provide free storage for up to 10 working days. Any machine left uncollected after 10 working days, a daily storage charge may apply to your machine and daily rental cost may apply to the courtesy machine. 
  • Turnaround time - All turnaround times are approximate, turnaround time are subject to availability of parts. Customers need to make their own arrangement while their machine is being serviced and repair, we cannot be held responsible for any delays and loss of earning to your business. 

Warranty Repair

  • Customer errors - Any warranty repair due to customer errors are not covered by warranty, for example not draining the machine and therefore causing damage to the safety valve, customers will be charged for the costs of repair.