Service and Repair - Information for Customers

Our Rates

The rate of our labour is £80+VAT per hour, there is a minimum charge of two hours

For unknown issues, we are unable to give you an estimate of number of hours we need to repair the machine if we do not know which parts are faulty and what type of repair is needed. 

Before you bring your machine in, we recommend that you read the user manual, as some issues can be fixed quite easily by following the instructions in the manual. 


Lead Time

We can give you an estimated lead time, however we cannot be held responsible for any delays. 

Lead time is also subject to availability of parts, we may have to wait for parts to arrive. There might be extra shipping charge for parts if the parts are unavailable. 


Machine Service

Service Pack and Tools is available to purchase online or we can service your machine for you. 



We can arrange a courier collection and delivery of your machine to your address. Please contact us for quotes. 

Please do NOT bring your machine in unless it has been booked. As we have limited storage space, if you wish to leave your machine at our unit for longer before or after the repair, a storage charge applies. 


Before Your Appointment

  • Please detach all hoses and accessories from the machine so that it is easier for engineers to work on the machine. 
  • Please ensure you have enough fuel in the tank so that we can test the machine (Optima XD only). 
  • Please ensure the screws of your machine cover can be easily taken off especially if you have an older machine, otherwise you may incur extra labour charges.